This is Scrontch’s blog.

I’m a casual gamer and hobby game developer. This blog is about my experiences with computer games and game development.

Among others, i liked these computer games and used to play some of them a lot:

Sim City, Sid Meyer’s Civilization, Falcon 3.0 and Falcon 4 AF, The Settlers, Halflife, Total Annihilation, Portal, Trackmania Nations, ARC – now Spark, Supreme Commander – Forged Alliance, Left4Dead, World of Tanks.

I do some game development myself for hobby.

I’m currently developing a 2D space combat game, called Fleet Commander.

Some of my other plans include to write an online economy and war (“4X”) simulation game (a bit like Civilization).

Also check out Podball, a minimalistic 2D ball simulation game and programming contest.

That’s of course only one facet of my life. For additional info have a look at my home page: http://lars.ruoff.free.fr/

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